Talks and presentations

Enabling Search Using bi-LSTMs

August 07, 2019

Talk, Cisco Systems International Data Science Symposium, San Francisco, California

Within large enterprises, disparate unstructured data sources contain valuable information that needs to be unified with other instrumentation in order to fulfill business objectives. In this talk, we present a deep learning implementation, using bidirectional - LSTMs that enabled Cisco S&TO to enable search for forensic evidence evaluation and unification. Our solution enabled Cisco to streamline processes for service request triaging - reducing time to address customer requests.

Predicting Gentrification in District of Columbia Wards

October 17, 2015

Symposium Talk, District Data Labs Fellowship Symposium, Washington, DC

I was part of a interdisciplinary group - aptly named Gentrifuge - tasked with creating a solution during a three month sprint with the Department of Commerce and Small Business Administration. The problem was framed as such: